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The Top 5 Kawaii Hoodies You Need to Own!

There’s nothing like a good hoodie! They can keep you warm! You can hide from the world in them! It feels like a permanent hug! Wearing the hood over your head makes you feel like a ninja or a mysterious mage. Added pockets are great for keeping hands warm or hiding snacks for later. For the otaku, having a kawaii hoodie is a must! The problem is that with so many options to be found online, how do you pick one that is of peak cuteness levels? Would be a disgrace to be seen in anything less than top tier cuteness! Have no fear for Otaku USA is here to tell you of the top 5 hoodies you need!

5) Cute Potato

Cute Potato

We have each referenced the meme that “We are a potato. A kawaii potato.” Show the world how you view yourself with our 5th pick! The potato you envision yourself to be is displayed front and center for all to view! Everyone in the know will be shouting “sugoi” as you walk past in this cozy number!

Pros: The design is simple but really cute! The potato with a little heart is so adorable that my kokorro goes doki doki! Besides white, there are other color options, such as sky blue. The fit is very roomy as it should be!

Cons: This one does not have a pocket on the front. The stripes on the sleeves are rather meh and feel out of place in the design. The material used is better for warmer temperatures over winter’s chill. Also, due to the dating on the meme being referenced, many may be confused when they view it.

4) Strawberry Patch

strawberries patch kawaii hoodie

Many of us love your strawberry treats so why not embrace our love of the berry with a cute pullover? Coming in as our number 4 choice is a pullover as sweet as the berries on it. Made from a soft velvet material, this pick just screams cute! Many adorable berries adorn the sleeves of this made for winter pullover. Whether you’re out with friends or at home reading your favorite manga, this ichigo-themed pullover is the one for you!

Pros: The warm velvet material is perfect for keeping warm while Jack Frost is trying to nip your nose. If the milk and berries look doesn’t work for you, there is a pink version that is just as adorable!

Cons: The strawberries are only visible on the sleeves so, unless you’re looking for them, they may be hard to spot. If you choose the pink version, they are even harder to spot. The material used is better for keeping warm so be mindful of wearing this one during the dog days of summer

3) Dinosaur

Dinosaur Kawaii Hoodie

We know that cute fluffy critters aren’t for everyone so why not be a cute dinosaur instead. Our third pick is sure to delight all those who wished to be a giant scaly monster bent on world domination. A cutely drawn T-rex and the words “little monster” written in Japanese are printed on the pinkish front while the arms and hood are each adorned with a row of triangular “spikes”. If you like to stomp about and shout “rawr”, our third choice is the one to make your dreams come true!

Pros: If you’re not a big fan of the color green, fret not! You can choose from a host of other colors, including sky blue and purple. You can become a monster of your color of choice easily! The easy, breezy fit makes this a comfy choice for the warmer days.

Cons: Sadly, this one doesn’t have the kangaroo pocket. You’ll have to either carry your snacks or find other ways to transport them. This one is meant for spring or summer wear so you may need extra layers for when it gets chilly.

2) Cute Shiba Inu with 3D Dog Ear and Dog Tail

Shiba Inu KAwaii Hoodie

Another favorite pet in the anime community is the Shiba Inu. Many fantasize about owning such a dog! Coming in as our 2nd pick is the next best thing for the dog lover. This pick is made from a plush material that you’ll never want to escape from. Not only is the hood adorned with the cute face and ears of a Shiba Inu, but the sleeves include paw prints, and a tail is ready to begin wagging in the back! Embrace your inner pup as you enjoy the cozy!

Pros: Perfect for the dog lover, this plush pullover allows you to enjoy the dog days of any time of year. The detailing is spectacular, making you feel like you’ve transformed into someone’s beloved pet. Also coming with a kangaroo pocket, your kibble and other treats are safe from the others in your pack!

Cons: The cons come in the care instructions. This choice is hand wash only. Because of the almost white belly, you may want to be wary of snacks that could stain the snowy fur. A small price to pay for being the cutest in your community!

1) Cute Kitty Cat

Cute Kitty Cat Hoodie

This black number takes the number 1 spot on our list for being the epitome of cuteness! Nothing says cute like a black kitty ready for attention and love from its master. A cute heart-hose kitty face on the front and cat ears on the hood will make the wearer say “nya” in joy everytime they wear it! To dress in this is to become the neko king or queen you were meant to be!

Pros: This pick not only comes in black, but a variety of colors! If black isn’t your style, but you can’t say no to those cute cat ears, try a dainty pink or a sweet gray. The kangaroo pocket is plenty roomy for keeping your hands warm or holding your favorite snacks while enjoying a new winter anime or an old favorite. This is our top pick due to it being able to satisfy the need for comfort and cat features to satisfy the casual and the hardcore otaku!

Cons: As amazing as those cat ears are, this pick can come across as a little on the plain side. A pair of ears, heart-shaped nose, and whiskers adorn the font, but that’s it! The ears on the hood don’t have much definition to look like actual ears. Just triangles of cloth to match the color of the pullover.

Finding a cute hoodie to fit your image is easy to find! From cuddly creatures to little monsters to favorite snacks to referencing memes, you’ll be the envy of your community in the newest addition to your wardrobe. Every otaku needs one, and there’s one to match every otaku. Find your perfect match and evolve into the cozy, cute creature you were meant to be!

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