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Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki Shares Videos of Her Fashion

Misako Aoki loves lolita and kawaii fashions. In addition to being a professional nurse, she’s a professional in the world of kawaii . . . as the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Kawaii Ambassador! Aoki keeps up a YouTube channel showing all sorts of cute things, including her personal items.

Much like professional cosplayer Enako showing off how big her wardrobe is, this video has Aoki showing off her hundreds of Lolita outfits. The video is in Japanese, but even if you don’t speak it, you can see all the kawaii-ness of her clothes.

In another video, she showed what sort of makeup she uses.

She carries around a big pink kawaii bag, and in this video, she shares all the cute pink things she keeps inside of it.


She regularly uploads videos, so if you like these, keep checking them out. Her most recent video involves Shirley Temple, but it gets a kawaii angle to it as well.

“My life changed when I encountered lolita fashion,” Aoki explained in an interview. “I became a model for the lolita style and just wearing the clothes really broadened my world. The concept of ‘kawaii’ can make girls happy and that’s what I experienced first hand. I also like to call them ‘sentougi’ (battle garments), because when you wear lolita style clothes, you feel stronger.”

She also said, “But when I was traveling the globe as the Kawaii Ambassador, I really discovered just how far the word ‘kawaii’ had spread throughout the world. ‘Kawaii’ is above ‘lolita fashion’ in terms of familiarity. Actually visiting all those places overseas made me realize how fulfilling a thing it was to be able to be the Kawaii Ambassador. . . .I never thought I would be able to wear lolita fashion once I became an adult. As it were, it’s the support from people all over the world that has allowed me to keep wearing these clothes all this time.”

Source: grape Japan


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