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Pikachu Wants to Help You Type with New PC Cushion

If your job has you sitting at a computer for long hours, Pikachu can be a comfort. A previously made Pikachu PC cushion has long been out of stock, but Bandai has released a new one with a more cheerful face.

According to SoraNews24, the Pikachu is “sized to sit on your lap and give you a place to rest your arms while doing all of your work-related typing and clicking.” The Pikachu plushie is attached to a plushie keyboard to rest your arms on, but you can separate them into two pieces. The plushie keyboard shows different Pokémon on it, making it more visually appealing than your average computer keyboard.

This new Pikachu PC cushion has the going price of 5,720 yen (about $54) and is available on Bandai’s Japanese website.

Source: SoraNews24


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