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The Pikotaro and Pikachu Music Video Has Arrived

pikotaro and pikachu

Surely you haven’t already forgotten about last week, when it was revealed to the world that Pikotaro and Pikachu would be collaborating on a new single and music video. As promised, both the video and the song itself made their debut on August 31, so we can finally see what madness this unexpected duo cooked up for everyone.

So, without further ado, here’s the official Pikotaro and Pikachu music video, appropriately titled “PIKA to PIKO.” Naturally, it has Pikotaro using his deep connection with Pikachu to translate the Pocket Monster’s many misunderstood sayings. As the artist said in the initial announcement, “Pikachu and I both wear/have a lot of yellow, and I’ve always felt simpatico… making the song was so fun-pi.”

As previously mentioned, Pikotaro first came into the public consciousness with the original “PPAP,” which was released as a YouTube video in August 2016 and reached 1 million views within a month. It even hit the US Billboard charts, where, at 45 seconds, it set a record as the shortest hit single in history.

What kind of history will the Pikotaro and Pikachu single make? Time will tell. In the meantime, let us know what you learned from this incredibly insightful music video. We certainly won’t take the Pika! Pika! uttered by Pikachu quite as lightly in the future!

Source: YouTube