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Sunao Katabuchi Working on New Film Set in Kyoto 1,000 Years Ago

Sunao Katabuchi Working on New Film Set in Kyoto 1,000 Years AgoSunao Katabuchi, the director behind In This Corner of the World and Blue Lagoon, is working on a new film.

That’s the word from Contrail, a new animation company launched by Katabuchi and others who worked on Corner.

Contrail has been tweeting about Katabuchi’s new project in English, sparing anime writers like me the need to translate (thanks guys!). Here’s what they say:

The staff team that produced “In This Corner of the World” (2016) and “In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World”(2019) at MAPPA Co., LTD. has launched CONTRAIL CO.,LTD.
Director Sunao Katabuchi is now working on a new film.

The title of Sunao Katabuchi’s new film has yet to be announced.
However, just as he portrayed Hiroshima about 70 years ago in “In This Corner of the World,” he is now trying to portray Kyoto approximately 1,000 years ago.

Director Sunao Katabuchi first wants the audience to have an idea of what Japanese society was like 1,000 years ago.

It is called the Heian period and has already been introduced in classical literature such as “The Pillow Book” and “The Tale of Genji”. However, there are terrible events, which are not described in these literary works. For example, the spread of plagues.

There you have it. Considering how detailed and historically accurate In This Corner of the World was, I bet this is going to be a lovely, well-researched film. It might take a while, though!

Sources: ANN, Twitter

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