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Director Marks Anniversary of In This Corner of the World’s Release

in this corner of the world

Director Sunao Katabuchi’s In This Corner of the World is four years old. The historical drama won the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Animated Film, and Katabuchi took to Twitter to discuss his thoughts on the movie’s anniversary.

In a translation provided by Crunchyroll, Katabuchi wrote:

“Today is the fourth anniversary of the release of the film In This Corner of The World. I have received many tweets and I’m looking back on the various pages that I have spent a long, long time with this film. Since the release four years ago, so many people have been able to encounter this film. Thank you for your continued support.”

He continued:

“It makes me even happier to find that many in those tweets say that this film has made the joy of watching a movie in a theater seat their own. I’m grateful for that.”

In this third tweet on the matter, he reminisced and waxed philosophically:

“It’s been eight and a half years since the first time I was taken around Kure (for location hunting). Time flies.”

Source: Crunchyroll


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