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The International Comic/Manga Schools Contest 2021 Offers Prizes to Students

The International Comic/Manga Schools Contest 2021 has been announced. This is open to students who live anywhere in the world, and it’s narrowed down into categories: the comic category, the manga category, the bande dessinée category, the webtoon category, the storyboard category, and the illustration category.

The theme of the contest is “admiration,” and you can submit from January 12 to April 29. The winner announcement will take place this summer. Teachers are required to register their schools to take part. Students taking part are lined up for possible cash prizes, tools for making art, and maybe even publication. Students who participate are expected to be interested in becoming professional artists.

Japanese publishers SHOGAKUKAN, KADOKAWA and Shueisha are among the list of sponsors. The judges announced so far are Charlie Adlard, Simone Ferriero, Masashi “Kinpachi” Okamoto, Takuya Kashima, and Kim Bedenne.

If you’re interested, check out all the rules and details at Clip Studio!

Source: Clip Studio


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