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Rock Out with the K-ON! Anime’s Premium Box Set

K-ON!Featured Spotlight:
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The K-ON! anime is a modern classic, with direction by Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird) and production by Kyoto Animation that perfectly captures the spirit of youth and the joy of making music. The entire series can soon be yours in the K-ON! Premium Box Set, which is coming to shelves with a bundle of exclusive extras on February 19, 2019.


Sakuragaoka Girls’ Academy’s Light Music Club is in danger of shutting down, but Ritsu Tainaka isn’t going to let that happen without a fight. After she strong-arms her best friend Mio into joining, it isn’t long until they add Tsumugi Kotobuki to make it a trio, which means they just have one member to go to avoid being closed for good.

For better or worse, that fourth member ends up being Yui Hirasawa… who has never held a guitar in her life. With guts and determination behind her, though, she’s going to make it work, and the Light Music Club will start shining in a whole new rockin’ way!


The K-ON! Premium Box Set packs the full anime series with on-disc extras and an enticing set of physical bonus items, including a soundtrack, booklets, limited edition guitar picks, art cards, pin and sticker sets, and a keychain. Sentai Filmworks’ set is limited, though, so pre-order today to secure a copy before they’re gone for good!

** This article was sponsored by Sentai Filmworks **