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Building That Inspired K-ON School Reopens After Repairs

Sakuragaoka Girls Private High School in K-ON is based on an actual school, Toyosato Elementary School. Even after it ceased being an elementary school, it’s been a popular place to visit because of the K-ON connection. Not only is the building a tourist destination, but it’s also an official Registered Tangible Cultural Property, according to the Japanese government.

However, the building went off-limits for a while during some sort of renovation. Then, late last month, the Toyosato Tourism Association shared on social media that the renovations are all done.


Translation from ANN:

“We apologize for keeping you all waiting for such a long time You can now see the white school building that stands out against the blue sky☺ ! The damaged areas inside the school building have been repaired and it is now beautiful! Please come and visit us”

The version of the school building in K-ON is the work of William Morrell Vories, an American architect. It hasn’t been made public what sort of repairs were done to the building.

These days the famous building is officially a library and public service center — which of course doesn’t stop it from also being a tourism attraction and Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Yen Press publishes the original K-ON manga by kakifly and gave this description for its plot:

Lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa has never played an instrument. Bassist Mio Akiyama hates attention. Drummer Ritsu Tainaka would rather goof around than practice. And pianist Tsumugi Kotobuki seems more interested in sharing snacks. Together, these four girls are (technically) the Pop Music Club! Sure, they’re in over their heads trying to form their own band, but this motley crew won’t let anything stop them from having a good time. Eating cake and rocking out: That’s what Afterschool Tea Time is all about!

Source: ANN


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