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Rick and Morty Anime Director Shares Early Sketch Art

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Rick and Morty season four is now out on Blu-ray, and it includes a special extra: the “Samurai & ShogunRick and Morty anime short done by director Kaichi Satō and Studio DEEN.

The five-minute short, which is available on Adult Swim’s YouTube, has the characters speaking in Japanese and it appropriately tapped the actors who play the Japanese dub of Rick and Morty. So even if you don’t normally watch Rick and Morty in anything other than English, now you know more of what it’s like for viewers in Japan.

Satō is understandably excited to see his work on the Blu-ray and has been tweeting all about it. He showed some behind-the-scenes work for his anime take on the popular scifi cartoon.

Anime News Network translated his comments and how he “wanted Morty to ride in a baby carriage. He also noted that the original idea for the boss was for him to simply be another Rick, but he wanted to give him a villainous look, so he omitted the eyebrows. He mused whether the character still looks identifiable as Rick.”

As a matter of pride, he also keeps this as his pinned tweet:

Have you seen the Ricky and Morty “anime”?

Source: Anime News Network


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