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Idolls! Anime Hits the Stage in January 2021


Hopefully you haven’t had your fill of anime idols, because the new show Idolls! / IDOL SURVIVAL now has a start date. Shin-Ei Animation’s very first idol-themed anime will make its debut on BS Asahi in Japan in January 2021, and a special program is on the way to YouTube and Nico Nico Live on October 3 to celebrate the news.

The Idolls! project had Shin-Ei teaming up with voice actor agency 81 Produce on open auditions to cast the four main leads. All in all, 84 rookies competed for the parts through various videos and other challenges on the “What’s Sei You?” YouTube channel, with the final round whittling it down back on March 31.

The winners were Aina Rutou, Ami Mizuno, Shiori Hanaoka, and Ruka Yashiro, each of which was chosen via a poll from viewers, judges, and other online voting measures based on previous videos. They’ll be playing characters with the same first names, and will be using motion capture to record their voices and actions for more natural performances.

Stay tuned for more on this one as we get closer to the January premiere of Idolls!.

Via Comic Natalie