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Popular Moe Mascot Retires After 11 Years, and Fans Are Sad

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Tsukumo-tan, a popular moe mascot for the computer parts store Tsukumo, has an expired contract. And fans are sad to see her go.

Her last day was August 31, and on September 8, Tsukumo made this announcement on Twitter:


In a tongue-in-cheek way, the tweet thanks Tsukumo-tan for eleven years of employment. SoraNews24, which covered the story, also translated tweets of people responding to this news:

“So are they going to replace her with a character who’s less moe, like a giant robot?”

“I went to Tsukumo to buy my last hard disk drive, but looking back, I think the main thing was that I wanted the Tsukumo-tan merch they were giving away.”

“Tsukumo-tan, thank you for all your hard work… I live in Hokkaido, but I went all the way to Comiket [in Tokyo] to buy more of your merch.”

As someone who’s dominated the Moe Characters You See in Akihabara popularity poll every year for more than a decade, Tsukumo-tan will be missed!

As for what’s next, if anything, maybe Super Sonico can help.

Source: SoraNews24


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