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Looking for a Nezuko Figure? Get Our Top 10 Recommendations

Tanjiro pointing at Nezuko

The popularity of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is constantly beating records in film, and manga, and even music sales, so there’s bound to be a lot of people hunting for Demon Slayer merchandise over the holidays. If you’re in the market for a Nezuko figure, we’ve broken down 10 of the best choices, out of the many figures on the market right now.

10) Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Nezuko Plus Strap

Price: $18.00
Height: 5″
Available: Now, via Jbox

Here’s a stylized Nezuko plushie with a chain you can use to hang it anywhere you want!

9) Nezuko Dashboard Doll

Price: $19.98
Height: 2.7″
Available: Now, via Amazon

If you want to decorate your car, or you want to put your Nezuko figure on some other wobbly surface that normally bucks toys, this dashboard doll is an ideal option, as it includes a sticky pad which keeps it from sliding around. A removable Santa hat is included during the holiday season.

8) Tamashi Nations Figarts Mini

Tamashi Nations' Nezuko Figure

Price: $29.99
Height: 3.5″
Available: Now, via Jbox, Amazon, Rightstuf

The Figarts Mini is a simple, straightforward super-deformed Nezuko figure with nice detail, a modest amount of articulation, and very moderate price tag.

7) Bandai Spirits Ichibansho

Price: $34.99
Height: 6″
Available: 3/31/21, pre-order at Rightstuf

Bandai Spirits’ Nezuko figure is worth considering if you prefer taller proportions over the many cutesy, super-deformed options out there. It’s got a very dynamic and exciting pose, no ugly ball joints, and it’s not too pricy. The only drawback is it’s currently on pre-order, so you’ll have to wait a few months to have it in your hands.

6) Nendoroid

Nezuko Nendoroid

Price: $56.00
Height: 3.9″
Available: Now, via Jbox

Another chibi-fied Nezuko rendition, Nendoroid’s is a bit pricier than Tamashi Nation’s, but includes multiple face and limb parts to allow punching, kicking, and kneeling with various expressions.

5) Bandai Figuarts ZERO

Bandai Figarts ZERO Nezuko figure

Price: $63.99
Height: 4.33″
Available: 2/28/21, preorder via Rightstuf

Figurarts Zero Nezuko is definitely the coolest and most elaborate super-deformed rendition, with tree stumps and a Nike swoosh on steroids to set the stage.

4) Figma Standard and Deluxe Edition

figma nezuko figure

Price: $85.50 to $101.99
Height: 5.1″
Available: August 2021, pre-order via J-box or Rightstuf

Figma’s take on Nezuko is highly articulated and comes in two versions. The standard version includes two faces, multiple kimono parts, and a stand. The deluxe edition includes all that, plus an additional face, Exploding Blood technique hand, and the wooden box containing Nezuko.

3) Sega Goods SPM Prize

Sega Goods SPM Prize Nezuko Figure

Price: $28.99
Height: 8.27″
Available: Now, via Rightstuf

We’re wiling to bet SPM Prize’s offering will tick the most checkboxes for the average buyer. It’s one of the larger figures out there, and it’s priced very affordably. It’s got the accurate to Nezuko’s taller proportions in the series rather than being chibied. Unlike many other attractive options in the list, it doesn’t require a pre-order, so it can get to you quickly. It may not be as poseable as some of the other options here, but that also means it doesn’t have many unattractive ball joints or seams.

2) BUZZmod Action Figure

Buzzmod Nezuko Figure

Price: $108.98
Height: 5.5″
Available: 3/31/21, pre-order at Rightstuf

Buzzmod’s Nezuko Figure takes the prize for most articulation, pairing a ton of ball joints with real fabric clothing that bends and folds realistically around Nezuko’s body. It also includes four difference facial expression parts (standard, smiling, sleepy, and angry), and a variety of hands parts, allowing you to create almost any pose you can think of.

1) Kotobukiya Artfx Statue

Kotobukiya Artfx J Nezuko Statue

Price: $132.99
Height: 5.63″
Available: Now, via Amazon, Rightstuf

We’re putting Kotobukiya Artfx’s entry in the number one spot because it probably ticks the most checkboxes for the premium buyer. It’s a high-quality, detailed, and fully proportioned figure in an exciting action pose, and it’s not on pre-order, so you can buy it right now from multiple places. If you want to throw a bunch of money at a Nezuko figure you can have right now, this is the choice for you.

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