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A Very Incomplete List of Demon Slayer Merchandise That Exists

Demon Slayer has inspired tons of adorable, and surprising, goods

You know what happens when an anime series gets super popular, right? That’s right: merchandising! That’s why you can buy just about anything you can dream of themed after Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and any number of other popular titles. The latest on the merch train is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. You can find tons of figures and T-shirts for the title, but that’s not all… not by a long shot.

Here are just a few surprising goods based on the hit series. Would these get you to open your wallet?


Glasses Frames: See Clearly

Demon Slayer glasses

Character-themed glasses are becoming more and more popular in Japan these days. Titles like Fate/stay night and Mr. Osomatsu have inspired their own collaborative eyewear. Also on that list is Demon Slayer, via DUO RING’s website Shitsuji Megane eyemirror. They’re running through a series of character-inspired glasses frames, two at a time, accompanied by adorable collaboration artwork. The Tanjiro and Nezuko frames are on point, featuring the patterns from their iconic outfits. Also, we can’t get over the little butler and maid Kamado siblings!


Canned Coffee: Get Energized

Demon Slayer canned coffee

Canned coffee is much more common in Japan than it is in the States. Everything from Gundam to Twin Peaks has collaborated with different coffee brands over the years. So it’s not surprising that anime darling Demon Slayer would get their own line, too. The cans feature moments from the show, and the campaign offers up adorable art of a chibi barista Tanjiro. (Between us, a lot of these collabs are worth it just for the cute new art!)


Hair Wax: Get Your Ends Just Right

Demon Slayer hair wax

Whether it’s for cosplay or a fashion statement, this is now a thing, too. A line of Demon Slayer styling color wax lets you highlight your hair like the stars of the show. Give your ‘do a pop of Inosuke Blue, Kocho Purple, or (if you’re feeling brave) bright Kanroji chartreuse. It washes out easily, so you can switch colors or get back to an office standard look quickly.


Lounge Wear: Speaks for Itself

Demon Slayer lounge wear

On a more personal note, there’s undies. Demon Slayer follows in the footsteps of Sailor Moon, PreCure, and others by offering a line of lounge wear and lingerie inspired by the show’s characters. Some, like the blouse and bag, are great for being out in public. The rest look super comfy for when you’re chilling out at home, but still want to look as fab as your fave.

Is there any other Demon Slayer merch you’ve spotted in the wild? Which of these would you consider buying for yourself?

Kara Dennison

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