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Top 5 Sexy Anime Girls

Anime is well-known to have hyper-attractive women. It’s almost surprising when there’s a girl who isn’t attractive due to the nature of the art. While the assets may not always come off as realistic, it makes for quite a bit of debate surrounding just who is the sexiest anime character. These are five of our top-rated sexy anime girls.

5. Nami (One Piece)

Some would describe Nami as one of the cutest as opposed to one of the sexiest. We ask, why not both? Nami is a beautiful redhead with fierce brown eyes and a top-heavy hourglass figure. Her style and hair both change frequently which definitely increases Nami’s appeal because variety is the spice of life. The pirate navigator has a tattoo on her left shoulder which is a cover-up piece to hide the crew that she used to belong to.

Nami became one of the first crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates in the series One Piece. Originally, she only joined the crew to rob her former associates, the Arlong Pirates. She decided to stay after the Straw Hat Pirates rebelled against the Arlong Pirates and the rest is history. The popular series is still running today. It’s over 900 episodes into the storyline and is currently showing its twentieth story arc. This beloved series has been running for 21 years now.

4. Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins)

Merlin may not be the frontwoman of the Seven Deadly Sins but it’s hard to deny her appeal. It’s much-debated whether Merlin or leading lady Elizabeth Leones is the sexiest girl in Seven Deadly Sins, but we decided that our vote goes to Merlin. The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony is also considered the best mage in Britannia. Her strong mind and personality just add to her undeniable beauty. Merlin’s signature look includes an open cloak, panties, thigh-high socks, and gloves. She has dark features and always seems to wear a serious expression. Merlin is the embodiment of the balance between brains and beauty.

Merlin is one of the most powerful ‘Sins’ in the currently ongoing Seven Deadly Sins. Though she didn’t enter the story arc besides being searched for before episode 20, she has been one of the main characters since then. The series follows the powerful group known as the Seven Deadly Sins who are falsely accused of treason against the leaders of Britannia. The true culprits being the Holy Knights, the group aims to protect the princess who begins to travel with them and dismantle the Holy Knights. This endgame gets them into even more trouble with the reappearance of the Ten Commandments, a group of powerful warriors from the demon clan.

3. Botan Saotome (7 Seeds)

Botan Saotome has a rather rough exterior upon first glance. She dresses practically and is pretty much always on guard. Botan has strong leadership skills to go along with her strong body. Throughout the series, it becomes well-known how much Botan prefers to be topless which definitely adds to this busty character’s appeal.

Botan is one of the first characters we meet in the 7 Seeds series. Once everyone is safe and becoming suspicious of her, she informs everyone of the 7 Seeds Project and introduces herself as the leader of Team Summer B. This team of rejects adapts to the difficult surroundings and some of the boys definitely have issues resisting this attractive character until she reminds them of the lack of contraceptives in the new world. Botan aims to unite the teams and create the best possible civilization throughout the ongoing series that is currently awaiting its third season.

2. Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki Asuna has a few forms that are similar in appearance. These forms change depending on which world she is currently in. She has long chestnut-colored hair except when she’s in ALfheim Online when her hair is blue. Her hair is typically kept out of her face with a couple of half-braids tied together in the back. Her character appearances have typically included long, mostly white, flowy outfits. Yuuki Asuna was well-known as one of the most attractive and most powerful females in Sword Art Online. Between her rapier skill and entrancing beauty, she was constantly having men trailing her and even proposing to her.

Yuuki Asuna usually goes simply by Asuna. It’s also her avatar name so she doesn’t have any alter ego names like many of the other characters in the Sword Art Online series. Sword Art Online follows a group of gamers trapped in a game of the same name. The gamers had to learn to adapt to living within the virtual reality game for about two years. While some fought on the frontlines like Asuna, others developed other skills such as baking, fishing, and smithing because dying in the game caused death in real life as well. Since escaping Sword Art Online, the series has followed a few story arcs including the future of virtual reality gaming, the gamers adjusting to being back in the real world again, and the charters’ eventual return to virtual reality gaming themselves.

1. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Rias Gremory is rated our number one sexy anime girl. Between her thigh-length red hair, bright blue eyes, body shape, and overall confident demeanor, Rias is a force to be reconed with. She’s usually seen in a tight button down and short skirt but her outfit has been known to change somewhat regularly. When not in uniform, Rias is often seen wearing lingerie or other seductive clothing items which helps with her general appeal.

Rias Gremory is a gorgeous heiress in High School DxD. The storyline mostly focuses on Rias and her relationship with Issei. The relationship proves to be difficult to manage due to the problems it causes between angels, devils, and fallen angels. In addition to normal relationship issues, Issei is now supposed to be Rias’s servant since she revived him after his death. The formerly all-girls school of Kuoh Academy adapts to co-ed life while the human students remain unaware of the varying races co-existing within the school.

There are so many choices when trying to choose the top-rated sexy girls from anime. Our favorites range from the devil Rias Gremory to pirate navigator Nami. While there are countless more that deserve honorable mention, today we only took a look at our personal top five. Check out the anime in which these ladies appear in and venture onto other series as well to find some new characters to add to your personal list of the most attractive.

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