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New Higurashi Anime Project Brings Back Familiar Voices

higurashi when they cry

A new Higurashi anime project was revealed earlier this month, but the initial announcement didn’t dig too deep into the details. Now, at the very least, we know that two voices will be returning from roles they last filled in back in 2013: Keiichi Maeyama and Rena Ryugu.

Maeyama and Ryugu will return to voice their respective roles as Soichiro Hoshi and Mai Nakahara. We should learn more about them and, perhaps, other aspects of the series during an AnimeJapan 2020 event, which will also have Higurashi creator Ryukishi07 in attendance. That event goes down on Saturday, March 21.

The new Higurashi project, which hasn’t detailed its format yet, will have Monogatari‘s Akio Watanabe on character designs, with animation production by Passione (citrus). Stay tuned for more!

Source: Comic Natalie