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The Batman Co-Writer to Pen Live-Action Mega Man Film

The Batman Helmer to Write Live-Action Mega Man FilmScreenwriter Mattson Tomlin appears to have a thing for films with the word “man” in their title.

The writer, who co-wrote next year’s The Batman, is now working on the live-action adaptation of Mega Man.

Mega Man is, of course, the long-running Capcom video game franchise about a blue fighting robot named Rockman in Japanese.

We’ve heard rumblings about the Mega Man film for a while, including as recently as 2018, and this announcement is one more indication it’s moving forward. Though, as we always say with these things, don’t count on it until there’s some actual film in the can. How many times have we thought the Akira film was finally on its way, after all?

Aside from this live-action adaptation, Mega Man has been adapted into several animated series, including the recent Mega Man: Fully Charged and the classic Mega Man from way back in the ‘90s, whose theme song will never leave your head once you hear it. We warned you.

Source: Screen Rant

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