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Gundam Fans in America and Japan Rank Their Favorite Titles

Gundam Fans in America and Japan Rank Their Favorite SeriesWhat are the most popular Mobile Suit Gundam titles in Japan? How about North America? And how close are those two lists?

Now we know, thanks to a poll released by the official Twitter account for the video game Gundam Evolution.

First off, here’s the Top 10 from Japan:

1. Unicorn
2. Char’s Counterattack
3. 00
4. Hathaway
5. Gundam (0079)
7. Z
8. 08th MS Team
9. Iron-Blooded Orphans
10. 0083 Stardust Memory

And here’s the Top 10 from the US:

1. Gundam (0079)
2. Iron-Blooded Orphans
3. Unicorn
4. Wing
5. Char’s Counterattack
6. 08th MS Team
7. 00
8. G
9. Z
10. Thunderbolt

Finally, here’s what happens when you combine all the results together. Nationality is just a construct, after all!

1. Unicorn
2. Gundam (0079)
3. Char’s Counterattack
4. 00
5. Iron-Blooded Orphans
6. 08th MS Team
7. Z
8. Hathaway
10. W

(The ratio of that final one is 52.2% Japan, 47.5% North America.)

The most interesting differences:

  • The appearance of Wing on the US list (thanks to being the first Gundam a lot of people saw when it was broadcast on Toonami, no doubt).
  • The quite new Hathaway ranking high in Japan and not in the US. The film made a boatload of money at the Japanese box office, making it the best-selling Gundam film since Char’s Counterattack.
  • More love for the wacky G Gundam in North America, with its Toonami broadcast probably factoring in here too. That and our love of Gundams in silly hats.

Which list skews closer to your taste?

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Here’s the official description of Gundam Evolution:

GUNDAM EVOLUTION is a fully-fledged FPS based on the Gundam series! Exceed your limits with the high-speed Boost System and unleash powerful G-Maneuvers to claim victory! Game Overview UNITS Dominate the Battlefield GUNDAM EVOLUTION features an all-star arsenal of Units from across the Gundam Multiverse.

Source: Otakomu

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