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Classic Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Plans Screenings for 45th Anniversary

mobile suit gundam

Yoshiyuki Tomino’s original Mobile Suit Gundam anime has been celebrating a major anniversary this year, and the party continues with Gundam Cinema Fest. The event will help ring in the 45th anniversary for the anime, which first aired in Japan back in 1979, with screenings of the Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy (1981 – 1982), Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack (1988), and Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway (2021).

Gundam Cinema Fest is set to bring a ton of mecha action and drama to cinemas in Japan on June 7, 2024. It’s all part of GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE -ROAD TO 2025-, which is paving the way to a Gundam expo that will be held next year in Osaka.

The 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime is available on Blu-ray from Nozomi Entertainment and streams on Crunchyroll, which describes the series like so:

Universal Century 0079. The rebel space colonies of the Principality of Zeon launch a war of independence against the Earth Federation, using humanoid fighting vehicles called mobile suits to overwhelm the Federation Forces and conquer half of Earth’s surface. Months later, the Federation has finally developed its own prototype mobile suits at a remote space colony. But when the colony suffers a Zeon surprise attack, these new weapons fall into the hands of a motley crew of civilians and cadets. Fate places a youth named Amuro Ray at the controls of the white mobile suit Gundam…

Via Crunchyroll News