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Full Metal Panic Creator Wants to “Feed Greta Thunberg Steak and Watch Her Cry”

Er, what?

That was our reaction when hearing about a seriously gross tweet by Full Metal Panic! creator Shoji Gatoh — still online as of this writing — in which he says he wants to feed environmental activist Greta Thunberg steak and watch her cry.

The tweet was in response to an NHK report about Thunberg’s appearance at COP25, a climate change conference in Spain.

Our full translation, so you can feel icky too:

“I hate that kid. If I was the ruler of the world, I would steal everything from her, knock her into the depths of despair and ridicule her. On top of that, I’d feed her a delicious, piping hot steak and watch her shed bitter tears. I’d love to see that.”

俺もこの子きらい。もし自分が世界の影の支配者だったら、すべてを奪って絶望のどん底に叩き落として嘲笑してやりたい。その上であっつあつの超うまいステーキとか食わせてやって、悔し涙を流す姿が見たい。すごく見たい。 https://t.co/SOb5VWQNnU
— 賀東招二 (@gatosyoji) December 7, 2019

Disgusted replies included one from the artist of manga Full Metal Panic! Zero, Tetsuro Kasahara, who wrote:

“I did the art for a manga created by this person, but I don’t agree with his remarks. I will no longer do any promotion for Full Metal Panic! Zero, nor draw any continuation. I will also donate any profits from the manga to environmental groups.”

— カサハラテツロー (@tetsurokasahara) December 9, 2019

Looks like Gatoh needs a version of this video subtitled in Japanese:

Source: Frog-kun

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