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Japanese Man Accused of Sending Obscene Image to Stranger via AirDrop

Japanese Man Accused of Sending Obscene Image to Stranger via AirDropYou know AirDrop: that thing where you can send images and other files back and forth across Apple devices. Easy way to share photos with friends and all that, but some folks have been up to no good with the feature.

It’s called “AirDrop harassment,” wherein one sends offensive images to strangers who have their phones set to receive from anyone within range, and it can carry some serious consequences.

So we learned today when a 37-year-old Japanese man was accused by the police of sending an obscene image to a 34-year-old passenger of the same train. Said passenger received the image twice, and surmising he was being AirDrop-harassed, chose to save it as evidence, then turned in a suspicious-looking iPhone wielder to the police.

The man has admitted to the allegations, quoted by the Mainichi as saying, “I wanted to see how the recipient would react to the image.”

So, listen, this isn’t a Japan-exclusive problem, but the fact that many people are stuck riding trains in close proximity throughout the country makes it a more common occurrence than in, say, a car-centric society.

The lessons here are two: one, don’t do this, because it’s gross and there are consequences, and two, switch your AirDrop to Contacts Only or Off.

Source: Mainichi

Matt Schley

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