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Fans Rank Favorite Evangelion Characters, Angels and More

Fans Rank Favorite Evangelion Characters, Angels and MoreNeon Genesis Evangelion is never far from the mind of anime fans. The franchise, now 25 years old, is still a perennial favorite, as evidenced most recently by the huge number of streams each of the films pulled in on YouTube last month.

Japanese public broadcaster NHK recently held a poll of Eva fans (in anticipation of the now-delayed fourth film, no doubt) asking them to rank their favorite characters, Evangelion units and Angels.

The character results were as follows:

10. Gendo Ikari
9. Maya Ibuki
8. Pen Pen
7. Ryoji Kaji
6. Mari Makinami Illustrious
5. Misato Katsuragi
4. Shinji Ikari
3. Rei Ayanami
2. Kaworu Nagisa
1. Asuka Langley Shikinami

Based on the inclusion of Mari, and Asuka’s last name, it looks like we’re talking about the Rebuild films specifically in this category.

Meanwhile, fans also ranked their top three Evangelion units and Angels, though you might want to avoid these spoiler-filled results unless you’ve already seen Eva:

Evangelion units:

3. Mark.06
2. Unit-01 (awakened)
1. Unit-01


3. Zeruel (1th angel in original series, 10th angel in Rebuild)
2. Kaworu Nagisa
1. Gaghiel (6th angel in original series)

The fourth Rebuild of Evangelion film, 3.0+1.0 or Thrice Upon a Time, was scheduled to be released in Japan June 27, but was delayed due to COVID-19. Who are your favorite Evangelion characters, Evas and Angels?

Source: ANN, NHK

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