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Evangelion Store Tokyo Holds Chibi Asuka Fair

Evangelion Store Tokyo Holds Chibi Asuka FairAsuka fans in Tokyo will be pleased to hear that Evangelion Store Tokyo-01, located in Ikebukuro, is holding a fair centered around a very cute, miniaturized version of Asuka.

Yes, it’s the Chibi Asuka Fair, and it kicks off February 2.

Merchandise on offer featuring this adorable new take on Asuka include clear file folders, keychains, hand towels, little plastic standy things, bags, mugs, pins and more.


The fair runs from February 1 to 18, and some items will also apparently be available on the online Eva store. You can get a look at all the cuteness on offer here.

Okay, Eva store, I dig this, but how about a Misato fair next time?

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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