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Yoko Takahashi Plans EVANGELION ETERNALLY CD Single for May

yoko takahashi

Legendary Japanese singer Yoko Takahashi is well known for providing the iconic theme song to the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, and now Evangelion will be the subject of her 30th CD single. EVANGELION ETERNALLY is due out in Japan on May 10, delivering her first new single in four years and featuring music from additional collaborations with Evangelion director Hideaki Anno.

Among the songs featured is “Tsumi to Batsu Inorazaru Mono yo” (“Crime and Punishment, Those who don’t pray”), which has been used as a promotional song for the Shin Japan Heroes Universe collaboration that includes Anno’s Shin Godzilla, Shin Evangelion, Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider projects. 

Among the other songs are a pair of tracks from FIELDS’ Evangelion-themed pachinko machines, including “Final Call” and “Teardrops of hope.” There’s also a new version of “what if?,” a song Shiro SAGISU composed for the Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time anime film.

Here’s the CD jacket, featuring an illustration by Evangelion mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita:

And a commercial for the EVANGELION ETERNALLY single:

Via Crunchyroll News