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Edward Snowden Reacts to Appearance in Lupin III Special

Edward Snowden Reacts to Appearance in Lupin III SpecialThis January’s Lupin III TV special, Goodbye Partner, features a very special cameo from none other than Russia-based whistleblower Edward Snowden. Er, in the anime he’s actually called Edward Znoden, but come on.

A screenshot of Mr. Znoden in the show from anime superfan and sometimes Otaku USA contributor Mike Toole caught the attention of many fans, including Snowden himself, a known anime watcher.

In response, Snowden tweeted “is this real,” “let us give thanks that anime is a thing now” and “It’s like a lifetime achievement award. Lupin is one of my favorite series.”

There you have it.

In his memoir, Permanent Record, Snowden writes about taking Japanese classes in college and becoming a fan of anime like “Nausicaa and the Valley of the WindTrigunThe Slayers, and my personal favorite, Ghost in the Shell.”

Goodbye Partner is now available on digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

Source: SoraNews

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