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Dropkick on My Devil! Season 3 Reveals Title, 2022 Premiere

dropkick on my devil! season 3

The Dropkick on My Devil! anime has been given a boost thanks to crowdfunding, making the production of Dropkick on My Devil! season 3 a possibility. Now we have more details on the new season, including the official title that was chosen by a crowdfunding contributor.

Dropkick on My Devil! season 3 will be known as Dropkick on My Devil! X, and it currently has its sights set on a 2022 premiere.

Further contributions to the production will be provided by four cities around Japan, which will have people from all over the country donating to specific towns through the Hometown Tax system. This same system helped fund the second season of Dropkick on My Devil!, and those who contribute may even get a special item in return.

This time around, Dropkick on My Devil! season 3 is seeking the help of Hokkaido’s Furano, Kushiro, and Obihiro, as well as Nagasaki’s Minamishimabara. Each town will hold their own events and sell special merchandise through the Hometown Tax system, and they already have their own corresponding visuals.

Stay tuned for more as we gradually approach the season’s 2022 debut!

Via Crunchyroll