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It Looks Like Dropkick on My Devil! Will Be in the Guinness Book of World Records

dropkick on my devil!

The anime Dropkick on My Devil! (original title: Jashin-chan Dropkick) is still working on making a fourth season and has turned to crowdfunding to do so. The good news is that quite a bit of money has been raised – 115,964,266 yen (approximately $907,000), to be exact. That’s not enough for the 300 million yen needed to create a one-cours of anime, but it is enough to make some OVAs. And it appears to be enough to get the anime into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anime is not typically funded by crowdfunding, but this does happen sometimes, and the previous record-holder for getting anime production funds through crowdfunding is Dies irae. Back in 2015, a crowdfunding campaign for it brought in 96,560,858 yen.

The people behind Dropkick on My Devil! had mentioned in the past that they would seek out the Guinness Record if they beat Dies irae, which they did. And getting it into the Guinness Book of World Records could help them with their crowdfunding efforts for season four in the future, as it would put the anime on more people’s radars.

The most recent season in the anime franchise, Dropkick on My Devil! X, came out last summer. It is streamed by Crunchyroll.

The series is based on a manga that began publication in 2012 in Comic Meteor. It is available in English exclusively on the Mangamo app. Mangamo gave this description for the plot:

“When Yurine summoned a devil from hell, she didn’t really know what to expect. And she definitely wasn’t expecting that devil, Jashin-chan, to get stuck on earth. Now the two must live together as reluctant roommates. And if things couldn’t get any more awkward between these two, it looks like the only way Jashin-chan can return to hell is if she kills the person who brought her here . . .”

Source: ANN


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