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Dropkick on My Devil!!: Apocalypse Day Anime Shares Opening and Ending Videos

dropkick on my devil!

This week saw the long-awaited debut of the latest episode in the Dropkick on My Devil! series, Dropkick on My Devil!!: Apocalypse Day, and with it comes fresh opening and ending theme songs. Those songs are on display along with the opening and ending movies in a new pair of videos, starting with Jashin-chan VA Aina Suzuki’s “Apocalypse Day” opening theme.

Closing the episode out is “Tadaima feat. EXILE NESMITH, which has Leola of LDH JAPAN teaming up with EXILE NESMITH of EXILE. 

For those who want to check out the episode—which is in collaboration with Takamori-machi in Kumamoto Prefecture—it’s now available to stream on Crunchyroll.


Jimbocho has been turned into ruins by a flying object from outer space. Jashin-chan is guided by the stars to the south in order to defeat Yurine Hanazono, the ruler of this town where only violence rules. In Takamori-cho, a town rich in nature at the foot of the Aso Mountains, she encounters…

Via Crunchyroll News