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Comiket 96 Bites: Otaku Spending Habits, Hot Hot Heat

Comiket 96 Bites: Otaku Spending Habits, Hot Hot HeatThis weekend, Tokyo hosted the 96th edition of Comic Market, the largest assemblage of manga fandom on the planet. Some quick bites from that event:

Big Spendin’ Otaku

News site Livedoor had a report out this weekend following a few Comiket goers and asking about their spending habits.

One group of high school students revealed they each planned to spend 100,000 yen (about $950) over the course of the weekend. The young men said they worked odd jobs at gas stations and restaurants over the course of the year to save up for the event.

One of the high schoolers reported that he’d already gone over his budget, but said “if there were no Comiket, I’d have no motivation at work, so it can’t be helped.”

Another said, “I already used all the money I can, so for the rest of the days, it’s about fighting my desire.”

One older otaku profiled in the article claimed that he spends over 300,000 yen (about $2,800) each Comiket, and that he planned to spend 400,000 ($3,800) this time around. When asked where he got all this spare cash, he was quoted as saying, “living at home is powerful!”

Hot Hot Heat

The weekend in Tokyo was an extremely hot one, with temperatures reaching 96.8 Fahrenheit and 80% humidity. To prevent Comiket-goers suffering from heat stroke, the event set up cooling tents and provided free water and sports drinks. Posters on social media (and, ostensibly, in person) shared their thanks to the Comiket staff for all their hard work in the hot hot heat.

This is, by the way, the type of weather in which the Tokyo Olympics will be held next year.

Comic Market 98 to be Held in May

Speaking of the Olympics: to avoid overlapping with that event, the next summer Comiket will be held a bit earlier than usual. It was announced Comic Market 98 will take place from May 2 to 5, 2020. Not exactly summer, but hey, the weather will be better! It’s also during Japan’s Golden Week holiday, meaning there will be potentially even more participants than usual.

Source: Otakomu (123)

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