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Missing Comiket This Year? All-Digital Comic Vket Offers Online Doujinshi Con

comic vket

While COVID-19 is causing many events to be cancelled, it’s also showing how creative people can be in what they’re doing to make up for public events. Because Comiket—Japan’s major convention for doujinshi (self-published manga)—is a potential breeding ground for COVID, we’re instead offered Comic Vket, an all-digital doujinshi convention.

Taking place August 13-16, it will digitally appear as if you’re in the Akihabara area of Tokyo. Then, as SoraNews24 explains, “Using an avatar, you’ll navigate the various circles’ booths (400 exhibitors are currently signed up), where you can look through samples and make purchases of digital and/or physical copies. . .”

You’ll be able to take pictures and chat. And it’s all free, whether you’re visiting or trying to sell your work. If you speak Japanese or have a good translator, you can visit this site to sign up, or this site if you are interested in exhibiting your work. It’s not the same thing as Comiket, but it’s an interesting way to make up for it with the resources we have!

Source: SoraNews24

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