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Makuno Ends Contract with Publisher Fantasista, Alleging Non-Payments

Mangaka Makuno has decided to terminate her contract with publisher Fantasista over her doujinshi work, alleging the company has not been treating her right. Fantasista has the BL manga subscription service futekiya.

Makuno put out a statement in both English and Japanese.

“Even before futekiya was launched, I was invited by the editor-in-chief, and I felt the potential of the service and wanted to support it, and I had hoped to have many of my doujin works distributed in the future.

“However, there have been a number of times when important reports and payment obligations have not been fulfilled, and when I made inquiries at the end of June this year, the same thing was discovered again.”

Makuno’s commercial work is still available on the site, and she encourages people to read that there. But she’s pulled her doujinshi and plans to distribute them on her own in the future.

“I will continue to do my best to make my works available to readers overseas,” Makuna said at the end of the statement. “Thank you very much for your support and understanding.”

Source: Makuno’s Twitter


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