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Comiket 100 Scored 170,000 Visitors Over Two-Day Event

comiket 100

This past weekend was a big one for Comic Market, AKA Comiket. Its 100th show went down, and even with a typhoon on day one it managed to record 170,000 visitors over the course of its two-day showing. Comiket 100’s daily numbers were shared via the official Twitter account for the event, and plans are already in place for Comiket 101 this winter.

The 100th event had about 85,000 people visit each day, and the total tracks nicely with projections that had them aiming for around 160-180,000 visitors in total. As was the case with Comiket 99, tickets were only sold in advance in order to limit the number of attendees during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, 10,000 doujinshi circles participated in Comiket 100, selling fan goods ranging from manga to games, books, and even VTuber meet-and-greets.

While the numbers this time around may be much lower than December 2019’s winter Comiket, which boasted a record 750,000 attendees, Comiket 100 established itself as one of the world’s largest pandemic era events. 

Via Crunchyroll News