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3 Animal Crossing Versions of Your Favorite Anime and Games

Animal Crossing - the game we all somehow needed

Animal Crossing has always been popular to some degree, but New Horizons managed to be just what we needed at just the right time. In addition to the game experience itself, the simulator fills in a huge socializing gaps. People are hanging out, having birthday parties, and going on dates. You can hold concerts and even host TV series.

Of course, the anime community has been right on top of this, recreating their favorite things on their personal islands. From cosplay in the shops to full game recreations, here are just a few things we’ve spotted that will make anime fans very happy indeed.


Castle in the Sky‘s Robot Soldier

A famous scene recreated

Twitter user @cosmoseashell decided their island could use a vintage Ghibli touch. The iconic robot soldier from Laputa: Castle in the Sky is made up of nine pieces. Put them together, and it’s an amazing likeness. You can add the ‘bot to your own island, too — the creator ID is in here in the original tweet.


Tantegel from Dragon Quest

Meanwhile, Twitter user @nessinota had a bigger goal: the entire town of Tantegel! The castle and surrounding town from the first three Dragon Quest games includes custom-made pieces and clever use of existing elements. There’s an inn, pixelated scenery, and even the ever-present slimes. The original Twitter thread gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the remodeled island — which was assembled during most of April and May — was put together.


Official Hidamari Sketch Cosplay

Yes, you read that right. Manga-ka Ume Aoki is also an avid Animal Crossing player — though she admits her island might be a little overgrown at this point. Nonetheless, she decided she wanted her character to be able to wear the Yamabuki High School uniform from her manga Hidamari Sketch, and this is the result. She posted the results on Twitter, and fans are (naturally) very excited. As you can see, you can also deck your character out in the uniform if you’re a Hidamari Sketch fan.

Of course, new things are being made in Animal Crossing every day. There are entire cosplay collections and sets made by fans that recreate all our faves, for use in your personal digital home. Have you created any of your anime faves to share?

Kara Dennison

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