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Chiaki Kobayashi Lands Lead in Netflix’s Spriggan Anime

netflix's spriggan anime

The first cast announcement recently arrived for Netflix’s Spriggan anime, which offers up another take on Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa’s manga of the same name when it premieres globally sometime this year. The cast’s lead, Yu Ominae, will be voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, known for roles like Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot, Makoto in Great Pretender, and more.

The new Spriggan anime is being directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi (episodes of Kill la Kill), with Hiroshi Seko (Attack on Titan) supervising and writing scripts and Shuhei Handa (Little Witch Academia) handling character designs at JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure studio David Production.

Yu Ominae – Chiaki Kobayashi:

Via Anime News Network