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Canceled Castlevania: Resurrection Dreamcast Game Prototype Discovered

castlevania: resurrectionBack in 1999, a Castlevania game was shown for Dreamcast at a closed-doors demonstration during E3. With Sonia Belmont and Victor Belmont in the spotlight, the 3D platformer would go on to be unceremoniously canceled, but now it lives on thanks to a recent discovery.

With the canceled game uncovered, preservationists were quick to showcase the prototype on YouTube. The brief video shows the playable Sonia in action across a handful of level samples accessible via a developer’s menu. This would have marked the first Castlevania game developed within Konami of America, but all that remains now is the prototype in the video below.

According to a 2007 interview with Castlevania: Resurrection art director Greg Orduyan, “people within Konami who had their own agenda” sabotaged the in-development game from within. Even with the playable prototype in the works, the 2000 launch of PlayStation 2 was the final nail in the coffin of Konami’s Dreamcast plans.

Via Polygon