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Why Mangaka Takao Yaguchi Helped Create the Masuda Manga Museum

Nippon published a lengthy article about mangaka Takao Yaguchi and his work for the Masuda Manga Museum.

Yaguchi, who passed away last year, was the mangaka behind Tsurikichi Sampei, which has not been licensed in America but has been an iconic bestseller in Japan. Yaguchi worried about what would happen to his artwork and artwork by other creators after they died, and felt a museum was a good way to handle it.

“Manga has developed over the years, combining all the elements that make it so entertaining: sadness, excitement, love . . . this museum contains everything you need to learn about what Japanese manga is and what makes it so unique,” Yaguchi said. “The original artwork, the manuscripts that authors poured their life experiences and their ideals and talents into . . . all this you can see with your own eyes. I hope that the museum will be a place where people can come to learn about manga, and that it will help to nurture and encourage new generations of manga artists into the future.”

In addition to having Yaguchi’s work, the museum has art from Naoki Urasawa, Takao Saito, Gōseki Kojima, and Higashimura Akiko.

Source: Nippon


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