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Banana Fish Play Shares Visual of Cast Members as Characters

More information has been revealed about the upcoming Tokyo play Banana Fish, based on the manga of the same name. After initially revealing that Kenta Mizue and Kurumu Okamiya have been cast as Ash Lynx and Eiji Okamura, respectively, other cast members have been announced.

Asahi Uchida will play Max Lobo, Yuki Saotome will play Frederick Arthur, Hiroki Sana will play Lee Yut Lung, Taizo Shiina will play Sin Su Rin, Masanori Tomita will play Shunichi Ibe, Yūsaku Kawasaki will play Shorter Wong, and Shōichirō Akaboshi will play Dino Golzine. The above visual has been released showing the actors as their characters.

Source: ANN


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