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Appleseed, Lone Wolf and Cub Manga Both Coming to Mangamo

During an ANN Connect session yesterday, Dallas Middaugh shared some news about his mobile manga app Mangamo. Middaugh, who has previously worked for Del Rey, Kodansha, and Crunchyroll, is the co-founder and executive editor of Mangamo.

According to Middaugh, the app has struck a deal with Dark Horse and will be offering the manga Appleseed and Lone Wolf and Cub. (If you want to see how Lone Wolf and Cub influenced Kaichi Sato’s “Samurai & Shogun” Rick and Morty anime short, we have a whole interview about that.)

You can start reading Lone Wolf and Cub and Appleseed this month on the app, and more Dark Horse titles (both manga and non-manga) will also be added to the list.

According to Anime News Network, Mangamo has already inked deals with Kodansha and about twenty other publications.

Source: Anime News Network


Danica Davidson is the author of the bestselling Manga Art for Beginners with artist Melanie Westin, and its sequel, Manga Art for Intermediates, with professional Japanese mangaka Rena Saiya. Check out her other comics and books at www.danicadavidson.com.