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Mangamo Licenses Three New Manga Series

Digital manga app Mangamo announced new titles it licensed, which are either already out or will be out soon.

Killings Bites by Shinya Murata and Kazuasa Sumita became available on the app yesterday. Mangamo gave this description for it:

“Nomoto, a dull young man, is taken to a junkyard by a mysterious girl named Hitomi.

In this place for the forsaken, a gruesome battle takes place. The opponents are ‘Brutes’, hybrids with the mind of men and the strength of beasts. Fangs clash with fangs; desire, madness and ferocity mix together. And the name of this battle is ‘Killing Bites’!”

Next up is Papa and Daddy’s Home Cooking by Yuu Toyota. That will become available on February 22, and Mangamo gave it this description:

“Sengoku, a chiropractor, was left with a child by his willful ex. Harumi, a manga editor, gained custody of his child after a rough divorce. Each struggling to raise their own child, they decide to share an apartment in the suburbs… What twists and turns await their new family life?!”

The last title they revealed is THE FORCE OF THE FOX by Hanta Kinoshita and Noriyoshi Inoue, which is being released on March 1. Kinoshita also wrote the script for Kamen Rider Revice and Inoue is the artist behind the manga series Yaoh. Mangamo gave this description for the series:

“In the entertainment world, full of gossip and scandals, the suicide of an idol has been reported. ‘Common things’ in the world. But, for Nagisa Yaegashi, her older sister, this is not someone else’s affair. Her sister, who had her child, had a reason to live. It’s a ‘disguised suicide’ behind the conspiracy. By whom and why was her sister killed? Using the teachings of a genius swindler as a weapon, uncover the mysteries buried in darkness.”

Source: Press Release


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