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A Message to Idol Fans: Please Stop Threatening to Lick Your Faves

Love Live! has its share of idol fans... but not quite like this.

Idol fans are always looking for new ways to show their love and support. Buying albums and merch, attending concerts, and shouting their love across the Internet — all benefit their favorite groups. But there’s one particular practice where idol management is looking to pull the plug. And apparently, it’s people on Twitter saying they want to lick the talent.

The management of one particular idol group, Dori☆Sute, has stepped up to call out fans online. While interaction online and in livestreams can be very supportive and fun for everyone, managers argue that what’s happening in some situations borders on harassment.


The Dori☆Sute Situation

Idol group Dori☆Sute originally existed as Dream Station, a multi-part J-pop idol group. Since its rebranding in 2016, it exists as a six-member idol group. Like many groups at present, Dori☆Sute benefits from streaming shows and social media to keep connected with their audience.

However, Dori☆Sute’s managers have spoken up about certain types of dialogue popping up around the group. In particular, they call out fans both on Twitter and interacting in SHOWROOM live events. They’ve asked fans to refrain from making overly forward comments — their two examples in particular being fans saying they’re going to “lick” (peropero) or “kiss” (chu) the performers.


Drawing a Line

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Unfortunately, behavior like this is all too common online, and not just from idol fans. While the majority of people know how to conduct themselves online, there are those who get oddly and overly familiar, in ways that can make people feel uncomfortable or threatened. Dori☆Sute’s managers are not shy about calling this behavior out as harassment.

They ask that fans continue to cheer for their favorite idols, using compliments that are cute, fun, or otherwise known to be appreciated by the idols. They go on to say that what fans say between themselves is their own business… just don’t tell the idols themselves.


The Fandom World

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When we get really enthusiastic as fans — be it about idols, actors, YouTubers, or what have you — it’s understandable that we want to speak effusively. And with a barrier between performers and fans that’s both distant and not distant at all, the desire to be seen can prompt us to say some odd things. But, as Dori☆Sute’s managers have made clear, the comfort of the talent is important. Even if in your mind what you’re saying is funny and unthreatening, the talent has no way of knowing. And, all things considered, what makes your fave feel supported is a lot more important than what you personally think should make your fave feel supported.

It’s good to see Dori☆Sute’s manager’s speaking out, and it’s a lesson we should all keep in mind. In a world where your faves can hear you, be supportive. Be unthreatening. And above all, please don’t say you’re gonna lick them.

Kara Dennison

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