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Japanese Survey Asks People If They’d Marry Their Favorite Idol


Lots of people get crushes on pop stars (or idols as they’re sometimes known in Japan). But how seriously do people take these crushes? Tameny, which is a matchmaking and wedding coordination business in Japan, decided to find out.

They surveyed 2,400 men and women who range from 23-years-old to 39-years-old. Their first question was “Do you want to marry your oshi?” “Oshi” can be a term for someone’s favorite idol.

24.5 percent of people, or about one fourth, said they would totally be down for marrying their oshi.

36.2 percent of people, on the other hand, said that while they love their oshi, they’re not interested in actually getting married to them.

Then 39.3 percent of people said they weren’t sure if they’d want to marry their oshi or not. Maybe they’d like to meet them first?

But the survey wasn’t done. It also wanted to know how people would feel if they learned their oshi had married someone else.

17.9 percent of people say they’d be happy for their oshi. 9.9 percent of people said the news would make them sad.

18.8 percent admitted to more ambivalent feelings, saying they’d be half happy and half sad.

5.8 percent would be so upset about the marriage news that they would no longer be a fan of their oshi.

7.7 percent might not be thrilled about the oshi getting married, but prefers marriage to the oshi retiring from their career. This hints at the fact that sometimes when oshi get married they choose to retire from show business as well.

The largest segment in this survey, 40 percent of the people, said they weren’t really sure how they’d feel if their oshi got married to someone else.

Do you have an oshi you especially love, and would your answers correspond with any of the answers shown here?

Source: SoraNews24


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