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Idol Cites ‘Nasty’ Otaku Fans as Reason for Quitting Group

planck stars

Idols leave their groups for all kinds of reasons, but not many of them are as honest as Iroha Tanaka. The member of the Hiroshima-based unit Planck Stars announced that she’ll be leaving, and one of the key reasons behind the exit is the group’s “nasty” otaku fans.

Unlike some other idol groups, Planck Stars puts on performances that mix idol dance routines with mosh pits and crowd surfing. Thus, the fanbase is a little different than most, with the fans being the ones who tend to tear their shirts off and play into the group’s edgy image. Well, apparently Tanaka has had enough.

Planck Stars went on hiatus in June, citing Tanaka’s statement in the process. In her words, it said, “The style of our concerts is filthy and nasty, and it’s psychologically impossible [for me to do them anymore]),” and “I’ve come to feel the otaku are nasty to the same extent, and have reached my mental limit.”

“Filthy” certainly seems like an apt description of the groups shows. Just look at the floor!

Another sample of the fanbase in action:

According to the announcement from Planck Stars and Tanaka, the hiatus will continue until the end of August and the idol will officially retire from the group in September. Her final moment on the stage will be on September 19, and she says she’d like the chance to say goodbye to those who are able to attend.

On one hand, it all sounds like a good reason to leave, but it also seems like Planck Stars fostered this very buckwild fanbase. Either way, we wish Tanaka well in any future endeavors.

Via SoraNews24