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You Will Never Own Wonder Festival’s Motherload of Otaku Treasure

As I write this, the massive figure show known as Wonder Festival is going on in Japan. We couldn’t make it to the show here at OUSA, but via the hashtag #wf2015 the whole Internet is living Wonfes by way of delicious and often prohibited pictures of figure delights from over the anime world. (Some teens are also having their winter formal and I wish they’d get out of the way). Here are a couple of samples. Your choices are to either:

a) lament that the piece you’re looking at is one-of-a-kind, made by hand by some wonderful hobbyist, and that you will never have it

b) prepare for the emptying of your wallet by some known company like Good Smile or Sentinel

or c) stay away, this stuff is dangerous, you’ll go poor!


Of course there were piles of Kill La Kill; the long-awaited Fight Club Mako Nendoroid from, after all is said and done, probably the best episode of the show, looks worthy, complete with hidden


In America Puzzle and Dragons is just a cellphone game that otaku play, but in Japan it’s ubiquitous on the level of Candy Crush and so on. Of course, its character design and level of depth make it a hit with otaku as well, so a long-awaited PVC figure of the endgame boss Hera-Ur is on the way. If you can’t beat her… buy her. Personally, I’m more into Ice Hera.


A gorgeous unpainted prototype of Saber Alter from Good Smile.


The final arc of cultural exchange: the Japanese mecha-inspired Pacific Rim is getting a Japanese model kit from Max Factory. Max has a reputation for serious quality, and they don’t look to be cutting any corners with Gipsy Danger. The old toys from NECA looked okay, but I was holding out until a Japanese company got a hold of the license.


This tweet is Dancougar designer Masami Obari himself getting excited over how awesome Sentinel’s figures of Dancougar and Black Wing are. Bless his soul, he loves robots more than anybody.

Anyway, there is a lot more than just this going on at Wonderfest, from itasha to Miku to figures of the sound effects from Kaiji, so hit up Twitter before this short becomes a long.