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Gaze Upon These Wonder Festival Shirobako Figures

Wonder Festival: that wonderful twice-a-year event where makers of models known as garage kits are allowed to throw copyright to the wind and design, build and sell whatever they want.

Wonfes hits Makuhari Messe next week, and photos of kits that’ll be on sale are rolling out, including these pretty darn adorable figurines of Aoi and Midori from one of our favorite series in a long time, Shirobako.

The makers of the kit, whose name translates to something like “Skyscraper Lovers Builders’ Assocation” (we don’t quite get it either) posted these snaps last week and announced the price for each: a pretty reasonable 6,000 yen (about $50).

Gaze on these sweet garage kits, Shirobako fans! Gaze!

Source: Fixia.jp

Matt Schley

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