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Yokohama Mall Gets Full Sized Titans in Attack on Titan Display

Japan can’t seem to get enough Attack on Titan displays. Statues of characters have been placed in creator Hajime Isayama’s hometown, there’s an Attack on Titan museum, and there’s even a Titan-sized Attack on Titan manga.

And right now if you head over to the Landmark Plaza complex in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama, there are new displays that include life-sized Titans.

One display has Eren and Levi standing next to a Titan head.

There’s also this of Eren in his Titan manifestation, which is almost 28 feet tall.

Despite all the effort that must have gone into making these, they’re not permanent fixtures. They’ll only be around until June 20.

Source and Photo Credits: SoraNews24


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