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Super-Size Attack on Titan Manga Volume is Big Enough for a Titan

attack on titan manga

If you consider yourself a particularly huge fan of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga, you might want to look into picking up a volume of the series that fits those super-size tastes. A special volume of the manga is on the way from Kodansha in Japan, coming in at 1.01 meters tall, 0.71 meters wide, and a hefty 30 pounds. It’s basically the size of a small human, which would make it ideal reading material for any Titan with ¥150,000—which adds up to nearly $1,400—to spare.

Limited to just 100 copies, the manga volume containing the first two chapters of Attack on Titan will be available to order through Kodansha’s website from March 6 to June 11, with a May delivery planned. Beyond celebrating the April release of the manga’s final chapter, Kodansha is aiming to win the Guinness World Record for largest comic book published, a title currently held by Brazilian graphic novel Turma da Mônica.

That book was just 18 pages, though, while this one is 96. Due to its size, Kodansha says it needs to be stored flat so the weight of the pages doesn’t cause the book to become deformed.

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