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VIZ Offering Free Chapters of One Piece In 1,000 Chapter Celebration

one piece

One Piece is about to reach a historic event: its one thousandth chapter! Its finale is still a few years away and Netflix is coming out with its own version of One Piece, and publisher VIZ Media feels like celebrating the chapter milestone in the midst of all of One Piece‘s other successes. For the celebration, VIZ is offering some free One Piece chapters for digital reading.

“We’re taking iconic moments from Luffy’s Journey to 1,000 Chapters and Beyond, and giving you a chance to read them for the first time, or re-read them with other fans and fall in love with the adventure again,” VIZ wrote on its blog on October 28.

Right now the first eight chapters of One Piece are available for free. VIZ continued, “One week later, those chapters go back in the Shonen Jump digital vault and new free chapters will come out. Which ones? You’ll have to check back each Wednesday to find out!”

Source: VIZ Media


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