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Valve is Sorry for Spoiling Street Fighter V’s Big EVO 2019 Surprise

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Beyond the incredible matches, one of the most exciting aspects of each year’s EVO fighting game event is the promise of big reveals from all the devs and publishers involved. This year saw the announcement of a new Guilty Gear game, more Soulcalibur additions, and a new Under Night In-Birth release, among others, but Capcom’s big reveal was spoiled before it could surprise anyone in attendance.

The reveal in question involved three new characters for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Capcom worked hard to prep trailers for E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison, but Valve spilled the beans thanks to an accidental early release of the announcement video last week.

Valve has since apologized, saying, “We are fans of Street Fighter ourselves and we’re sorry for the error.” They added that safeguards have been put in place to prevent repeat occurrences in the future.

Here’s the trailer for the new additions, which are now available to purchase.

Via Polygon