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Utena Director’s Characters Come Together for New Exhibit Visual

One-of-a-kind director Kunihiko Ikuhara is back in the spotlight again thanks to the recent debut of his latest TV anime, Sarazanmai. The stars of that show are now playing nice with Ikuhara’s other works in a new key visual for an upcoming exhibition of the director’s work.

Fans of everything from Utena to Yurikuma ArashiMawaru Penguindrum, and Spring 2019’s Sarazanmai will find something to love in the visual for the event, titled Kunihiko Ikuhara Exhibition – The Survival Strategy of Desire and Revolution That Connects Us –. It all goes down from April 27 to May 6 at Tokyo Solamachi in Space 634, with Ikuhara on hand during the second to last day to sign autographs.

Visit the official website for more.

Via Comic Natalie