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There’s a Rent-A-Girlfriend Art Exhibition in Tokyo Right Now

Rent-A-Girlfriend Art Exhibition

Rent-a-Girlfriend is doing so well it’s gotten its own exhibition. The exhibition is currently in Tokyo until Monday, October 26, and after that it goes to Osaka for a December 24-January 4 run.

As Japanese site grape reports, the exhibition opens with an autographed message from mangaka Reiji Miyajima. After that it gives you the opportunity to take a selfie with your favorite girl from the series and check out illustrations, videos and audio not available anywhere else. As grape explained, “You’ll be able to not only trace their [the different characters’] character growth and examine famous scenes, but also check out the latest developments of the original story.”

Rent-A-Girlfriend Art Exhibition

No exhibition would be complete without exclusive goodies, and the exhibition offers these in droves. Here’s just sample of what people can get:


If all that shopping, getting freebies and checking out the exhibition tires you out, you can rest and get some food and drink at the Rent-a-Girlfriend café.

Source: grape

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